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Yes! A Real, Stringed Guitar for Rock Band 3

When Harmonix and MTV announced that Rock Band 3 would include support for a new 102-button pro controller, it was clear that actual skills would be a requirement for this version of the game. However, if you can actually play the guitar, you might find that the 102-button plastic controller just doesn't cut it.

Fender yesterday showed off an alternative for the truly dedicated, guitar-playing Rock Band fan. The Squier Stratocaster walks like a duck and talks like a duck in that it's got strings and it plays just like a real guitar. However, there's one difference: this guitar is Rock Band 3 compatible. It has technology built into the neck to sense where your hand is and players can connect the instrument to an amp and hear the track they're playing, outside of the game. So, not only can you play Rock Band with your guitar, you can play guitar at the same time as Rock Band. The guys at the Harmonix booth say they have a really great suite of tutorials to actually teach you to play scales, chords, and eventually all of the songs so this isn't strictly for those who can play guitar already.

Check out the demonstration video from Harmonix below (courtesy of The Pixl Bit). It's not quite clear in the video but each of the little markers on the screen has a number in it to denote which fret to play the note on.

Engadget has a better (not embeddable) video if you want to get a closer look.