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Robotoki's 'Human Element' Prequel is Ouya Exclusive

A few months ago, Robert Bowling of Call of Duty fame left his role as Infinity Ward Creative Strategist to startup his own development company, Robotoki. In June, Bowling unveiled Robotoki's first project: zombie survival game Human Element.

Bowling is now showing his support and confidence in the success of the indie console Ouya by donating $10,000 to its Kickstarter (which now sits comfortably over $5 million) and announcing that Human Element's prequel will be an Ouya first-party exclusive. The announcement was made via a video hosted on Ouya's Kickstarter page.

Though the details are still vague, the prequel is meant to give a little background to the "event" that caused the post-apocalypse that you witness in Human Element. The prequel will be, according to Bowling, "an exclusive episodic look at the world as it develops and collapses over the course of the event happening, to give you a look at some of the survivor scenarios and elements that you can expect from the full game in 2015."

The Human Element prequel has been the first confirmed game announced for the Ouya. Previously, critics had been wary of praising Ouya for its lack of developer and software support. However, with Robotoki onboard at full steam, it seems promising that other developers will come around to Ouya and make it a success.


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  • sylvez
    When you say a game is Ouya's exclusive, what does that mean? Ouya is on Android. A hardware bit to prevent the game from running on other Android devices?
  • False_Dmitry_II
    I would guess that it could be coded closer to the hardware, regular console style.

    Anyone developing for it would not have to worry about or support all the various sets of hardware of phones. From chipsets to everything else. Especially equipment of varying degrees of capability.

    In other words I bet you could get stuff for just it to run on (possibly through hacking) similar tegra3 hardware. I don't think it would easily work on other things, dual core phones or stuff that have older OS versions for example.

    The most simple answer would be that whatever marketplace it uses wouldn't let you buy the game without being on that particular hardware.
  • holodust
    Definitely system seller /end sarcasm (oh, and I am actually looking forward to Human Element, just not this "vaporware console" prequel exclusivity)

    On serious note, before people again start shouting about "openness", indie and similar stuff - how many people would enjoy games like Limbo or Journey if they were not on platforms they were on? All I can see is yet another XBLIG like shovelware market, but on new (underpowered) hardware.
  • zak_mckraken
    I'm still waiting on my Phantom console to arrive. Any day now...
  • marthisdil
    sylvezWhen you say a game is Ouya's exclusive, what does that mean? Ouya is on Android. A hardware bit to prevent the game from running on other Android devices?Probably means it'll be sold/whatever, only on the Ouya's store and not on Google Play. I'd sure some folks will find a way to sideload it on other devices.
  • hate machine
    Too bad Robert Bowling is a douchebag... I will never contribute money to his camp. Even though the game sounds good.