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Maid Robot Cleans Your Clothes, Microwaves Food

Who didn't think Rosie the Robot maid was hot? She cleaned up after the Jetsons like there was no tomorrow, and seemed to cook a rather mean meal really quick. Recently Korean scientists have moved humanity closer to a reality filled with servant robots with the introduction of Mahru-Z. Although it doesn't sport Rosie's apron or can vacuum the floor (yet), apparently it does actually wash clothes. Can we say "w00t?"

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) is the mastermind behind Mahru-Z. Weighing at 121 pounds and standing just over 51 inches, the android features a humanoid figure with a rotating head and appendages. According to Fareastgizmos, Mahru-Z can actually see 3-dimensional objects, and realizes that tasks need to be done such as heat up food in microwave, wash clothes, and so on.

More interestingly, the robot, according to the report, can recognize people, and will even bring food to you upon command. Because it's able to process visual input, Mahru-Z can maneuver through the house and pick up items along the way. This would make Mahru-Z an ideal "companion" for parents who have children running through the house, leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

Unfortunately, the scientists at KIST said that the technology behind Mahru-Z won't be commercially available for "a long time." However, it's not hard to see NASA getting its hands on a few models and sending them to the moon or neighboring planets before they're cooking us dinner and massaging our feet.