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TELESAR V Robot: Avatar Meets Reality?

Back in 2009 James Cameron amazed the world with his motion picture masterpiece "Avatar", so much so that some viewers even began to experience depression and suicidal thoughts when faced with withdrawal from the lush alien world of Pandora. Who knows how much longer it will be until we discover a beautiful alien planet, but thanks to the work of Professor Tachi from Japan's Keio University, we might just have robotic avatars ready to make peace with the natives.

Tachi's latest laboratory masterpiece dubbed the TELESAR V is a telexistence robot avatar that allows its user to experience all of the sights and sounds transmitted by the robot's multiple inputs. In addition, users will even be able to experience the "feel" the shapes and temperatures of objects that TELESAR touches.

In the current version of the TELESAR robot, users are limited to the movement and feeling of their hands and head, but perhaps future editions will feature full motion tracking and offer more freedom than the TELESAR V. For more information on Tachi's projects, head on over to the Tachilab website here.