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Road Lighting Concept Brings Additional Safety

SafetyDistance is an innovative road lighting concept that is designed to run along the outer edge of highways and freeways. At night, these signs provide an extra source of light for nighttime visibility in order to assist in keeping the roads safe. Each lighting post is equipped with a solar panel that charges and powers the device. With three different light signs to indicate driving distances, SafetyDistance keeps drivers informed of the safe distance of any vehicles in front of them.

When the lamp glows a bright red, it indicates that the driver is dangerously close to the car in front. Yellow indicates a close distance while green indicates a safe one. While no cars are detected, the signs shut off to save energy. Although it may be fairly easy for a driver to identify whether or not he is dangerously close to another vehicle, this self-sustainable concept is great for harsh weather conditions such as a snow storm or heavy fog.