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Skyscraper in Mumbai to Get Floating Pool Balconies

Residents of Mumbai are in for a unique treat as real estate firm Wadhwa Group sets out to construct one of the greatest residential towers we've ever seen. The company is set to begin construction on two exclusive residential towers in the Borivali district of Mumbai, designed by architect James Law. Aside from its state of the art features and stunning modern design, each residence will have its own jaw dropping private pool balcony.

Dubbed the Aquaria Grande residential towers, each tower will be 37 stories high and equipped with an appropriately large car park with plenty of parking space. In total, each tower will be home to 200 apartments complete with state of the art features and amenities. In addition to the apartments' private pools, a larger public pool will be available along with a fully equipped clubhouse, gym and sauna.

No word on when construction will be finished or how much each apartment is expected to cost, but we're pretty sure these luxurious towers won't be for just anybody. For more information on the project and a look at a few more renders, head on over to the source article over at Designbuzz.