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More Microsoft Layoffs Starting Today

Reports are indicating that Microsoft will begin more job cuts starting Wednesday. Although sources were not revealed, they said that cuts will not be quite as dramatic as the thousands that were terminated last year. If anything, the move suggests that Microsoft is keeping a "tight rein" on headcount and expenses as it emerges from the economic recession.

Currently the actual number of job cuts is unknown, and Microsoft refused to comment on the reports. It's also unclear as to where the actual cuts will take place, however it's reported that they will be consistent with reductions in staff Microsoft has conducted in the past. June 30 was also the end of Microsoft's fiscal year.

Despite the job cuts, Microsoft is expected to add jobs in other unaffected areas. Thanks to a recovering economy, Microsoft has returned to a "modest" growth mode. On a worldwide scale, the company employed 88,596 people as of the end of June--39,824 of those employees work in the Seattle region. Both numbers are slightly higher than the final numbers generated for the end of March, but are still significantly lower than the 91,743 / 40,210 employees working at the end of July 2009.

As for the new job cuts slated for this week, Microsoft is not expected to release a formal public announcement.