Red Bull Skydiving Mission from Edge of Space a Success

Austrian energy drink company Red Bull on Sunday celebrated the successful execution of its 'Mission to the Edge of Space' project. Also known as Red Bull Stratos, the mission saw 43-year-old Felix Baumgartner ascend 24 miles into the stratosphere and sky dive back down. Baumgartner set the altitude record for a manned balloon flight on his way up, and records for parachute jump from the highest altitude and greatest free fall velocity on the way down.


Baumgartner had help from one Colonel Joe Kittinger, the man who held the previous records for highest balloon ascent, highest parachute jump, and fastest speed by a human being through the atmosphere. Kittinger achieved his records in 1960 while taking part a military project called Project Excelsior. Kittinger communicated with Baumgartner while he was in the capsule on his way up and during the process of the jump. He also communicated with him while he was on the way down.

All told, a record-breaking eight million people watched the stunt happen live via YouTube. This is in addition to the millions that watched via television broadcast partnerships established with broadcasters and Red Bull. The event also saw Red Bull gain 180,000 YouTube subscribers in the last seven days.

Red Bull says that all told, there were over 35 moving and still image cameras documenting the mission, including two ground-based optical tracking systems that allowed viewers to track Felix's entire freefall, and five POV cameras on Felix's body, which recorded his entire freefall experience.

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  • stingstang
    I'm pretty sure we're all well informed of what happened yesterday, tom's.
  • bluekoala
    stuartlOuter space "starts" at 327,360' he was nowhere close to the edge of space.

    In all fairness, he ran out of sky to climb in.
  • freggo
    THG news now officially slower than the print media :-)

    Oh well, I still stop by every morning for my geek news. Keep up the overall good work guys!
  • Other Comments
  • stingstang
    I'm pretty sure we're all well informed of what happened yesterday, tom's.
  • jhansonxi
    I caught the live feed just as they were nearing the zenith of the flight. The craft was a bit higher than planned because Felix had problems getting the door to open. He had some problems spinning on the way down (couldn't control flight well due to the thin air) but straightened out and became stable. He had some problems with his visor fogging and seemed to have problems with radio communications which probably eroded his confidence a bit, leading him to deploy his parachute early and missing the freefall time record. He stated in an interview that he has to fight the urge to deploy the chute early.
  • thecolorblue
    stingstangI'm pretty sure we're all well informed of what happened yesterday, tom's.

    ^ +1