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VIDEO: Xbox 720 Makes Appearance in Real Steel Movie

Did Microsoft just secretly reveal the name of the next Xbox console, or is it just a joke on behalf of the producers of Real Steel who figured the Xbox 720 would be a popular console nine years from now?

According to Gamespot, sharp-eyed fans have spotted an Xbox 720 banner displayed on the right side of the robot boxing arena in the latest Real Steel trailer. Save for the numbers, it's identical to the current Xbox 360 logo, and falls in line with Coca-Cola, Capitol One, Mercedes-Benz and other popular brands sponsoring the event.

Gamespot reached out to Microsoft and asked about the Xbox 720's appearance, but the Redmond company firmly replied that it "does not comment on rumors or speculation." In this particular case, the appearance of the logo in a motion picture really doesn't fall in either category, so Microsoft still has some explaining to do.

After all, DreamWorks Pictures can't use the Xbox logo without Microsoft's permission.

Real Steel is the latest science fiction action film starring Hugh Jackman and is based on a 1956 short story called "Steel" by Richard Matheson (I am Legend, A Stir of Echoes, Hell House, original Twilight Zone episodes). The setting is 2020, and robots have replaced humans as boxers. The story centers on former boxer Charlie Kenton who teams up with his son to build a robot and win the boxing championship.