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RAGE HD on iPhone Will Be A Huge Game

Last week id Software's John Carmack said in a very lengthy blog that the full version of RAGE will not be landing on the Apple iOS platform. He claimed responsibility for any prior misconceptions, saying that he presented the QuakeCon demo "poorly."

But that's not to say it isn't possible. Carmack clearly confirmed that--with some effort--the entire PC/console version could be compiled for the Apple platform. However he also added this it would be a bad idea, pointing to the current hardware limitations of mobile devices and that carefully made performance tradeoffs wouldn't be appropriate for the platform. Controls would also be a major issue.

"What we do have is something unlike anything ever seen on the iOS platforms," he said. "It is glorious, and a lot of fun. Development has been proceeding at high intensity since QuakeCon, and we hope to have the app out by the end of November."

He went on to say that the standard version will be around 700 MB in size and cost a surprisingly cheap $0.99 whereas the HD version for the current iPad and iPhone 4 will cost $1.99 and weigh somewhere around 1.4 GB--the size of most movies. "We need to stay focused on not letting the project creep out of control, but I think people will be very happy with the value," he said.

The iOS game will center around "Mutant Bash TV," a post-apocalyptic combat game show in the RAGE wasteland. The game will offer more than mere survival including headshots, hit streak multipliers, a broad range of skill levels and more. Carmack said that they spent a lot of time making sure the game will have a high replayability element, something Doom Resurrection lacked.

"RAGE iOS is all action, all the time. I have played the game dozens of times, and testing it is still fun instead of a chore," he said.

Naturally Carmack goes into more technical detail regarding id Tech 5 he aptly sectioned off as "Technical Geek Details." To read the entire blog, head over to Bethesda's blogsite here.