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YES: R2-D2 Droid 2 Actually Looks Like R2-D2

Verizon recently launched the DROID 2, and while the company was pretty forthcoming with pictures of the regular DROID 2, it didn't release any images of the R2-D2 version of the phone. The company did reveal that it would feature exclusive Star Wars content and when it becomes available in September, will only be in Verizon's online store. However, the part that got us all hot and bothered was this:

"… and external hardware designed to look like the trusty Droid from the film saga."

What does that mean? How far would they take that? We'd heard that it would be a white DROID 2 with an R2-D2 on the back. But they said if would look like R2-D2, not that it would feature him.

As wild as our imaginations are (not very, it seems), we didn't expect this:

Isn't it a beauty? The photo above was tweeted by R2D2Central and Engadget points out that it closely resembles the blueprints on the background of the R2-D2 DROID 2 landing page.

No word on whether or not this limited edition phone will be available outside the U.S.