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This Punching Bag Doubles Up as a Musical Instrument

For some people, going to the gym and working their butts off is fun and exciting, but for others its dull, tedious and tiresome. If you're one of the lazier types when it comes to working out, punching bags are great. They offer a wide variety of ways to stay fit, all while unloading massive amounts of stress and frustration. For anybody who needs even more motivation, this punching bag developed by the interns at Open University is awesome.

This futuristic punching bag lights up, laughs, sighs and even plays music. Underneath its shiny exterior are multiple impact sensors, and an accelerometer that is all processed by an Arduino processor. The interactive punching bag translates different punches into varying stimuli which then produce various forms of feedback. We aren't sure how much of a beating this punching bag can handle, but regardless it is definitely an interesting and fun way to relieve some stress.