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Microsoft: No Natal Support for Older Games

Kudo Tsunoda of Microsoft Game Studios uttered words of doom during an interview at the Tokyo Game Show, revealing that it will not be possible to "patch" current Xbox 360 games to work with the upcoming Project Natal technology. Actually, the words he used were "not likely," which could almost mean that there's a small chance of a possibility, although highly improbable.

According to the interview conducted by Destructoid, Microsoft was able to alter third-party titles to work with Project Natal for the demonstration, however the company had to alter a "significant amount" of the code. Tsunoda said that a simple, downloadable update will not be possible due to those reasons alone, and would ultimately force developers and publishers to recreate and publish special versions of the game in its entirety.

With that said, 3rd party publishers may eventually take the plunge and develop special Project Natal editions for their current titles, but will it be worth the effort? Will gamers want to shell out additional funds for an enhanced version? Publishers may want to set their sights on the Platinum Hits collection if they wish to go all Natal, targeting the $19.99 games to keep the end-user cost under control.

Currently the Platinum Hits collection includes F.E.A.R., BioShock, Gears of War, Mass Effect, and many more great classic titles.

  • Maxor127
    I knew Microsoft was full of shit when they said it would support older games, but everyone ate it up and believed it, just like they believe it's anything more than an upgraded EyeToy.
  • nun
    oblivion would be awesome with natal
  • Maxor127
    nunoblivion would be awesome with natal^ case in point. You'll never play a game like Natal in Oblivion, and honestly, why would you want to? You expect to run in place and swing your arms around for hours? That will be fun for about 5 minutes.
  • bustapr
    Maxor127^ case in point. You'll never play a game like Natal in OblivionNever get to play games like OBLIVION with NATAL deuschbag.
    And it would totally be cool, have you ever imagined a sex scene with natal.
    Dream come true with Megan Fox!!!!!!1
  • Khimera2000
    Its awesome how people are bashing a product that's not even released yet. kinda like hype for a product that's not out yet... I can see some vary useful applications for this technology... Id go for Angelina Jolie... hackers Angelina :)
  • maigo
    If you want to flail around to play an overly simplified game, buy a Wii
  • Icylobster
    I didn't expect them to support older games. However I do think there are several and certain old games that would really benefit from Natal. An optional way to play it that is, I don't like the idea of only being able to use natal to play a game. I'm still more in favor of controllers.
  • eklipz330
    ...seems they're gonna make this a full fledged new console...

    kinda makes sony's light up dildo look pretty good right about now
  • anamaniac
    maigoIf you want to flail around to play an overly simplified game, buy a WiiNah, we want first person shooters and the such.
    You ever go to a arcade as a kid and play a game with a big fucking gun, blasting zombies to hell? It was awesome.
    Yes, I can imagine a lot of player modded or created (from scratch) games being more in the adult category (and I can imagine myself grabbing one or two of them).
  • captaincharisma
    eskimo_1The word natal sounds a bit gay, something homosexual nerds use.
    but Natal will not have a gun because it suppose to not have any kind of controller right? and im not going to act like a retard using my hand as some kind of gun. stick with the wii