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Google Project Glass Explorer Edition: $1500, Shipping 2013

We can't be the only ones fascinated by Google's Project Glass. Ever since the company announced it earlier this year, we've been dying to learn more about it and hoping that it would make it to production very, very soon. Sadly, during Google I/O yesterday, the search giant revealed that Project Glass won't be arriving on the consumer market for a while. However, if you're really desperate to get your hands on the technology, there is a way.


Google yesterday announced that an Explorer edition of Google Glass would be coming in 2013. The Verge reports that Google is eager to get the technology into people's hands and is offering attendees at Google I/O the chance to be among the first outside of Google to own a pair of these special glasses. The company opened up pre-orders for Google Glass Explorer Edition and is charging $1500 per pair. Delivery is scheduled for next year.

So if you have a friend at Google I/O and are willing to drop some serious cash to be an early adopter, then you know what to do. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a while longer before you can strut down the street in a pair. Let's just hope the consumer version isn't to expensive when it launches.

And just because it was such an over-the-top demo, here's Google's demo of Glass at I/O:

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