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BlackBox Creates Physical Receipts of Your Digital Coversations

In a world where modern gadgets and electronics rule our lives, many precious memories are now stored on the memory cards of our smart phones, the disk space of our hard drives and the cloud where our emails sit. Normally we might not remember a conversation we had with a friend several weeks ago, but nowadays we can just scroll back on our text message history and find out exactly what was going on at the time.

Hoping to take advantage of our dear friend modern technology, designer Joe Doucett has created an innovative concept that puts a sentimental spin on all of our digital conversations. By hooking up to your phone and printing selected conversations in the convenient size of a receipt, BlackBox allows you to create a physical copy of a digital memory to cherish forever, or at least until you lose it.

Although you may keep your digital messages organized into neat little folders and labels, most of the time you probably never see them again or forget about them when they are cleaned up. Having a physical copy created by the BlackBox provides an additional measure that allows you to keep your memories intact. Of course you could just use a traditional printer to do all of this, but the BlackBox just makes it look so much more convenient and neat with its pocket sized printing. For more information of the concept or more of Doucett's designs, head on over to his page here.

Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.