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Suction Cup Charger Uses Solar Energy to Charge Phones

Quirky's latest solar powered charging solution features a suction cup design that allows users to conveniently charge their USB device with the help of glass windows and plenty of sunshine. Dubbed the Ray, this new gadget is conveniently pocket sized and provides the opportunity for maximum solar charging efficiency thanks to its suction cup solar panel design.

In case users find themselves shy of convenient windows, Ray also comes with an adaptive tilting kickstand that lets users find the perfect charging position for their USB device. While not in use, Ray leaves plenty of space for usb cables to be neatly tucked away inside the kickstand. The device's designer Brandon Craven says Ray packs enough power to fully charge a cell phone, making it a great mobile charger that is both efficient and eco-friendly.

The device is currently available for pre-sale orders at the price of $39.99 over at the Quirky page, but the device won't enter production until at least 2,000 orders have been made. Currently there are a little over 900 committed buyers so it might not be too long until the goal is reached.