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Police Use Remote Flying Drone to Catch Car Thief

According to the DailyMail, it was announced yesterday that a suspected car thief had been apprehended thanks to a miniature remote-controlled helicopter called the Air Robot.

Merseyside Police is one of a handful of forces trying out the devices, which cost £40,000 each. Designed as a cheaper alternative to using helicopters in small-scale operation. DM reports that Merseyside has been using drones for two years, mainly to help in search and rescue operations, to execute drug warrants and to crack down on anti-social behavior.

However, the Air Robot recently aided officers in its first arrest. Using the onboard camera, and thermal-imaging technology, the operator of the remote control device was able to pick up the suspect through his body heat and direct foot patrols to his location.

Check out the video of the device in action below.

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