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Sony Expands PlayStation Peripheral Program

When it comes to console peripherals, few are really as good as the ones of the first party variety. Sure, third party controllers may add programmable features and other functions, but invariably the ones made by the platform holder are the ones people know best.

Part of the reason behind that is because the platform holder has full access to the entire system and its protocols. Whenever there's a change or upgrade to the system software, testing is done first and foremost with the first party accessories.

This may unfairly put third party manufacturers at a disadvantage, but this week Sony announced the expansion of the "Official License Program" to peripheral manufacturers in worldwide. This means that peripheral and accessory manufacturers will "gain access to technical documentations necessary for designing and creating variety of licensed products for PlayStation platforms" including PS3, PS2 and PSP.

Hopefully this will usher in a greater selection of peripherals that will behave (especially when it comes to wireless protocols, even if it is Bluetooth) the same as Sony-made products. This will become even more important once the PlayStation Motion Controller is released and the third party versions follow.

Companies who qualify for the program will be able to brand its products with an "Official Licensed Product" logo, which means that the peripheral should work flawlessly and that Sony will get a cut from its sale.