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VIDEOS: PlayStation 4 Revealed?

Could Sony be locked and loaded to show the PlayStation 4 next week at E3? Two viral videos have appeared on the YouTube account named SCELabs. At first it was assumed that the clips were fan-based--after all, this is the perfect time to get Sony fans pumped up about absolutely nothing. And to be honest, the two clips could very well be fake.

But it's interesting to point out that the subjects of both videos are wearing glasses. We immediately assumed that these viral clips could be nothing more that a means of promoting the current console's 3D support. After all, that aspect went official Thursday with the release of 3D games on the PlayStation Network.

However one video depicts Japanese Sony workers rushing through a building. They arrive to see a test subject--wearing special glasses--rolling on the floor, delirious. Apparently the test subject was playing an implied PlayStation 4 title and just went nuts.

The other video isn't quite as dreary, showing another test subject--this one also sporting glasses--enduring the overwhelming 3D capabilities of the PlayStation 4. It is this video that shoots down any possibilities that both are promoting the 3D aspects of the PS3--this one actually says "PS4" and "Now Testing" at the very end.

Again, it's quite possible that the videos are leaked teasers intended for E3. It doesn't mean that the consoles will actually appear, but rather that the next generation is definitely on the horizon (now that Sony is actually making $$ on the PS3). But what do you think? Are these videos fake, or could they be the real deal?

[Edited by Eric Wang]