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New Sony Website Jabs At Microsoft's Kinect

What are we, mimes? That's the question Sony's Kevin Butler is asking gamers in the latest PlayStation Move promotion. Located at, the site presents a Flash-based Move controller and entices visitors to press the six buttons.

"See what you did there? You clicked it," the site teases when any one of the six buttons are clicked. "It turns out that buttons are pretty important. Not like 'save the whales' important. More like 'not play games that suck' important. Cuz they help you... control stuff. Controller. Control. Kinda makes sense."

The site goes on to say that some people don't think gamers need buttons, taking an obvious jab at Microsoft. It then offers an example of gaming without buttons, indicating that sniping could be performed by turning your fingers into a makeshift gun.

"Pew! Pew!" Butler teases.

Butler's website goes on to explain the benefits of having buttons, but then rambles on into belly button territory and lint. He eventually explains why voice commands are a bad idea--other players could shout commands that may effect your game simply by passing through. Buttons instead keep the control in your hand.

To partake in the virtual PlayStation Move button mashing, head here. We're actually anxious to see Microsoft's response.