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Sony Files for Steroscopic Multiplayer Patent

Split-screen gaming is always kind of a hassle. No matter how big your TV is things are always just kind of cramped when it's split down the middle. And don't even get us started on how distracting it can be to constantly be seeing what your friend is doing out of the corner of your eye. Aiming to take the split-screen out of multi-player gaming, Sony has filed a patent that uses stereoscopic video and glasses to show players different images on the same display.

Detailed in a patent filed a year ago and published just last Thursday (uncovered by Broke My Controller), the technology would allow player one and player two to share the same display, while only seeing their own point of view on the screen. Judging from the illustrations, you'll also only hear your own audio, instead of trying to tune out the sound of your partner/opponent.

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