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RIM: PlayBook Works Fine as 'Standalone' Tablet

Despite not yet being available, the BlackBerry PlayBook is kind of old news at this stage. However, RIM is eager to keep people excited about the tablet and one thing the company feels we should know is that you don’t need a BlackBerry to own one.

We found out long ago that the BlackBerry tablet would be a companion device, an add-on for those who already owned a RIM smartphone. But, with tablet-mania raging, it seems RIM is rethinking its strategy. Senior project manager for the PlayBook Ryan Bidan recently told Forbes in an interview that despite not being able to carry out certain PIM functions without a paired BlackBerry phone, the PlayBook is still “a great standalone tablet.”

In case you were unaware, the PlayBook can’t access calendars or memos, or perform certain functions, such as corporate email, without a wireless connection to a BlackBerry phone. Still, Bidan believes we shouldn’t be put off by these restrictions. He also said that independent PIM functions will come to the PlayBook “as the platform evolves.”

Non-BlackBerry users: Would you consider the PlayBook as an option for a standalone product? Let us know in the comments below!

(via BGR)