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Rejoice! Plants vs Zombies 2 is Coming Very Soon

We're huge fans of PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies. The tower defense game burst onto the gaming scene as a desktop game in 2009 but things really took off when it was released for iOS and Android in 2010 and 2011, respectively. The iOS release sold more than 300,000 copies in the first nine days it was available on the App Store and with over 10 million fans on Facebook, to say PvZ has a bit of a following would be an understatement. This week, PopCap used the official Facebook page to announce that the game is finally getting a sequel.


Dubbed Plants vs. Zombies: It's About Time, PopCap has already released a trailer for the game. What's more, gamers will be pleased to know that they don't have to wait too long for a release. According to PopCap, the game is slated for a July launch. Wahey! What we don't know is the platform on which PvZ: It's About Time will launch. The original game is available for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Windows Phone, PS Vita, BlackBerry 10, and DSiWare. Is it too much to hope for a multi-platform launch right off the bat? We hope not.

As far as the trailer is concerned, it's not great. It's mildly amusing, but it offers no hint as to what we can expect this summer. Still, it's more than we had yesterday, so I guess we shouldn't complain too much. Check it out for yourself: