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Report: 40% of Developers Not Affected by Piracy

A recent survey conducted by industry body TIGA reveals that 40-percent of game developers--those surveyed in the UK--don't believe that piracy is currently hurting revenue. The other 60-percent did admit that piracy affected business, however the actual threat is rather low they said.

Overall, developers feel that piracy is an increasing problem, and will be a major issue later on.

Develop reports that TIGA surveyed an unknown number of its current developer membership to get a better picture on how piracy is affecting the "development sector." Develop tried to calculate the number of members involved, only to theorize a possible "small cluster." While the study doesn't provide names, it does indicate that 10-percent view piracy as a huge threat.

The survey also discovered that only half believed that the government's plan to tackle piracy (by throttling or cutting of Internet connections) was a good idea. Half of the surveyed group said that they were adjusting their business to tackle piracy; 75-percent are considering digital distribution as a possibility.

“The results of the TIGA piracy survey clearly demonstrate that UK developers are taking the initiative when dealing with the issue of piracy and looking for new ways of delivering content and communicating directly with their consumers,” said TIGA CEO Richard Wilson.

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