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BASF, Philips Create Solar-Powered OLED Sunroof Concept

As part of a project involving a new concept Smart vehicle, chemical company giant BASF teamed up with Philips to create an interesting vehicle interior lighting concept using a transparent roof. They may just look like hexagonal pieces of glass, but this car's roof is filled with OLED lights and solar cells. In the day time the OLED sun roof is transparent, letting you see outside the vehicle while collecting solar energy to power its interior lighting system at night.

At night or when the OLEDs are switched on, the roof becomes a honeycomb of glowing OLEDs that provide light which can only be seen from the interior of the vehicle, minimizing distractions to other drivers. Although the technology is still only in its prototype stages, we can definitely expect to see more from this partnership in the future. Could you imagine a piece of glass that turns into an OLED television?