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Pepsi Creates Social Vending System

Unveiling a brand new prototype vending machine at the national automatic merchandising association's oneshow, Pepsi has created the world's first 'Social' vending machine. This innovative vending machine concept will revolutionize the automatic vending experience by allowing users to purchase gifts for friends, strangers and even record personalized video messages while doing so.

By adding a social aspect to a otherwise personal shopping experience, Pepsi hopes to bring users a more exciting and fun way to purchase beverages. When a user approaches the vending machine they are prompted with three options that allow them to purchase a drink, gift a drink or connect with pepsi refresh, the company's social action grant funding program.

When a user decides to gift a drink to a friend, said friend is informed via a text message that includes a redeemable code at any of pepsi's social vending machines. Users can also record short video messages for the recipient which will be viewed as the code is redeemed.