Report: Pegatron to Begin iPhone 5 Shipments Next Month

Earlier this week, rumors did the rounds that said the new iPhone wouldn't be released until October. The news went against months of 'iPhone 5 in September' reports we'd been hearing. However, it seems that despite this week's report, there's still reason to believe that the newest iteration of the Apple iPhone will arrive next month.

Digitimes reports that Pegatron Technology has become the second ODM (original design manufacturer) of the newest iPhone. Reporter Monica Chen cites industry sources that say the company has received an order for 10 million iPhone 5s and is scheduled to begin shipments of those units in September. The news fits in with recent reports that AT&T was rejecting all applications for vacation time in the last two weeks of September "due to an event blackout."

However, the rumor that the phone will launch in October rather than September is not going unsupported either. Boy Genius Report claims to have confirmed information from a reliable source at Telus that says Apple’s iPhone 5 will be hitting the Great White North on October 1.

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  • soo-nah-mee
    Yay, can't wait. laugh at the throngs of iSheeple waiting in line for the next dummy device.
  • subaru41
    Woohoo! That is great news to here that Steve Handjobs is coming out with his latest out of date, tiny inferior phone 5, I mean iPhone 5 that still cant play flash, use widgets, or any cool features or customizations, Oh, and I almost forgot to mention how the phone is user friendly for left handed people. Seriously, how retarded is it that you cant switch the lock screen slider to the other direction to accommodate left handed people.
  • house70
    Good article. It begins and ends with rumors (first and last paragraph).
    I thought they might have learned something from the IE IQ debacle, but no...
    Of course, I'm waiting for the spammers to flood the forum, any minute now.. cause there still isn't any filter in place. Too busy cranking up rumors, I guess.