Linden Lab's Patterns Could Become The Next Minecraft

Back in 2003, Linden Lab launched Second Life, an online virtual world that would later see millions upon millions of active residents. Hoping to once again capture the hearts of gaming addicts worldwide, the company has released a preview of its upcoming title, Patterns. If the success of Minecraft has taught us anything, it's that people love to make use of their imaginations and creativity.

Hoping to capture the same addictive nature of Minecraft, while simultaneously setting itself apart, Patterns is focused more on the combination of various different shapes and patterns rather than an army of constructive blocks. Like Minecraft, the game is more about the experience rather than fulfilling a certain objective.

As you can see in the trailer, the game revolves around its real-time physics engine, something Linden Lab says was built as the game's foundation. Unfortunately, the game is still in its early stages of development, but we can already see the potential this title has to offer. Could Patterns become the next Minecraft? Or is it just another knockoff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • alidan
    dfgsfgdsgisnt the "minecraft" fad over by now? seems too little too late too me

    minecraft is digital legos... who could "ever get" over legos... if they didnt cost 20$ for sub 100 blocks, i would have a crap ton right now just to play with because they are fun, and i cant do 3d modeling with a real program.
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  • Anonymous
    isnt the "minecraft" fad over by now? seems too little too late too me
  • alidan
    unless the game is easily moddable, you cant beat minecraft.

    i dont like minecraft for 1 basic reason... modding required to much work to get it set up right.
    i also dont like that a game that basic, requires almost 2 gb of ram to run, and over 4 gb if i use a higher resolution texture...

    but thats beside the point. this game looks complex, which will help it in the long run, but it looks like hell at the moment and is only really showing off look at me... and it doesn't do a good job at doing that.

    you want to beat minecraft.

    make minecraft with a good engine.
    than make it so each block can be seperated into 27 parts, than make each part also seperateable, and than again, make each part seperatable, and do this for 5 maybe 6 parts.

    dont let the world generate that way, let players make the detailed crap out of the world blocks. let them fuse those blocks together, and save the shape, so you could make a 30000 some block dragon, one block at a time, and than save it so you can easily place it again if you have the blocks.

    minecraft is good, but you have to build on to the ideas, possibly allowing slopes, and making modding a day number 1 concern.
  • Anonymous
    Would be far more useful if Lindens fixed all the bugs in Second Life before worrying about launching new games !!