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Parental Controls Guide 2011

iOS Parental Controls and Apps

iOS on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch already has integrated Parental Controls. You can enable and disable apps like the Safari web browser, YouTube, camera, and iTunes. You can also prevent the installation and (in iOS 4.2+) uninstallation of apps. You can also limit in-app purchases and specify the allowed ratings for media. To enable and setup Parental Controls click Settings > General > Restrictions.

Though you won’t see Internet filtering in the iOS Parental Controls, there are third-party web browsers that have intergraded filtering. You can install another browser and then disable Safari via the Parental Controls. Here are two browsers you may consider:

K9 Web Protection Browser (Free): Automatically blocks adult, offensive, malicious, and potentially illegal sites.

Mobicip Safe Browser ($4.99): This web browser filters content based upon the level you choose: Elementary, Middle or High School. It automatically enforces safe search on all the popular search engines. It also includes a filtering engine specifically designed for checking YouTube videos. Plus as a bonus it encrypts all Internet traffic for protection on unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. Signing up for the premium subscription ($9.99/yr) gives you remote access to the settings and activity report and lets you customize the filtering settings with multiple user/device support.