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Parental Controls Guide 2011

Locking Down Twitter and Tumblr

If your child uses Twitter, login to their account, click their profile name in the upper right corner and select Settings. Then you should verify three key settings:

  • Next to Tweet Location, disable the Add a location to your tweets option.
  • Next to Tweet Privacy, enable the Protect my tweets option.
  • Next to HTTPS Only, enable the Always use HTTPS option.

If your child uses Tumblr, you should understand it’s different than social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a blogging site which is automatically viewable by anyone on the web. You can’t make the content private and only viewable to their “friends” or “followers”.

Due to the openness of Tumblr (and blogging in general), you should explain to your child why it’s not good to publish or blog about any personal info, such as their address, school, or even their full name.

To lock down Tumblr, login to their account, click the blog name on the top of the page, and click Settings. Make sure they have an acceptable Portrait Photo selected and check their URL to make sure they haven’t used their full name.

Next, click the Customize appearance button on the left menu. Click Info on the top left of the page to check for inappropriate personal info or content. Then click Pages on the top of the page to review any additional pages they’ve added. That’s the main places to verify but now you should review their blog postings for any personal info or other inappropriate content.