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Panasonic Battery Could Power House for 1 Week

On Monday, Panasonic announced that it had taken the majority control of Sanyo Electric Co., grabbing a 50.27-percent stake in the once-profitable company. Now Panasonic has revealed that it will take advantage of Sanyo's rechargeable battery technology to market a lithium-ion storage cell for home use sometime around fiscal 2011.

Fumio Otsubo, president of Panasonic, told the Yomiuri Shimbun (via Trading Markets) that the battery will store sufficient electricity to power a (Japanese) household for about one week of use. "We're positioned closest [among firms] to realizing CO2 emission-free daily life," he said. Shimbun also added that Panasonic and Sanyo have already test-manufactured a version of the storage battery for home use.

Panasonic plans to sell the storage battery along with a system that allows end-users to check electricity usage through a home-based display, perhaps the TV in the den or living room. Unfortunately, Shimbun didn't go into additional details regarding how the battery works, or how long it takes to recharge.

Ultimately this may be an item provided by the local electric company, as both the provider and the consumer would benefit from this type of energy storage device. Of course, we're assuming that the storage battery can support the A/C unit, appliances, lighting and various PCs all at once--that may not be the case at all.