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HP Shoving Palm Brand Back; webOS 2.0 Soon

HP CEO Mark Hurd recently spoke with German site about the future of Palm in its post-HP acquisition. He confirmed that the actual Palm brand won't die even though Palm was purchased for its software, webOS. Instead, the future of the Palm brand may mean that it will move into the background as a sub-brand like Compaq.

Given that, HP's main focus is in promoting webOS. As previously reported, HP said that it was "doubling down" on webOS, increasing its research and development spending for the platform. Although it appears that HP is still gearing up to release a Windows 7-based tablet, a webOS version is also expected to hit the market.

As for webOS 2.0, former Palm CEO John Rubinstein said in an interview that v2.0 is on track for a release "later this year." With that kind of window, it's quite possible that the webOS tablet from HP is on the way. After all, Q4 2010 seems to be the magic window for many developers and manufacturers such as Google's Android 3.0, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS, Motorola's 2 GHz smartphone, and a plethora of tablets.

This should be a big holiday season for consumers.