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Amazon Charges $25 for Palm Pixi and $80 for Pre

Amazon has slashed the price of the Palm Pre to just $80, meaning those who were considering buying the newly released Palm Pixi may instead opt for Pre.

Not too long ago Sprint slashed the price of the Pre, taking the cost of the device down to $149.99. Soon after, the carrier launched the Pixi, pricing the device at $99.99.

However, once the Pixi launched, Walmart began offering the device for $30 and the Pre for $99. Engadget reports that this week Amazon one-upped Walmart by offering the Pixi for $25 and today, the etailer has announced a price cut for the Pre.

Customers can now snap up the Pre for just $80 (Amazon is also waiving the activation fee which usually amounts to $36). That's nearly half the cost of the Pre and twenty bucks less than what little brother, Pixi, costs when purchasing from Sprint.

Why do you think Amazon and Walmart are so desperate to shift these two smartphones? Let us know in the comments below!