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GameStop Taking Sony NGP Pre-orders for $999?

Whoops. Looks like GameStop jumped the gun after Sony officially revealed the hot-n-tasty NGP gaming device early (early) this morning.

Although the listing is now offline, Joystiq received a tip leading to a very hefty $999.99 pricetag over on GameStop. The listing didn't specify actual hardware or when the device is scheduled to ship (Holiday 2011), but the near-grand "Buy New" pricetag clearly was an error on the retailer's part.

So how much will this little gaming beast cost? SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton hinted to a possible pricing scenario in a recent interview with Engadget. Without specifying a price range, he hinted that a platform with beefier hardware and superior content could entice someone to pay more in relation to a competitor's platform like the Nintendo 3DS.

"You know, I'm not an expert on the 3DS," he said. "I've seen the screen. I haven't played it. I think that if you could create content that consumers sees compelling, they'll find money that they didn't think they had. I think the more recent example of that was Kinect. I didn't think people would go out and spend $150 for that device and they did--and that's a peripheral at the end of the day. So I think if the quality's there, then the people will find a way to buy it, within reason."

Ultimately pricing will depend on what direction the company takes in regards to the 3G capabilities. Like current tablets, it's highly possible that consumers may see a Wi-Fi only version and a separate 3G/Wi-Fi model siting side-by-side on store shelves. Then again, Sony may choose to stick with one hardware model to reduce fragmentation.

"We haven't made any determination on models yet," he said. "Suffice to say, we've been doing this a while, we've got a lot of experience -- not only in individual markets but on a worldwide basis. I think we'll hopefully strike the balance that will allow us to be successful financially and commercially -- and one without the other isn't good."

Don't fret however-- it's highly unlikely the Sony NGP will cost an entire grand. That's just nuts. A gaming device with that kind of pricetag will need to have the ability to brush teeth, wash a car and bake a cheesecake.