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PSP 2 Dreams Can Come True

Just a few days after SCEE president David Reeves [scoffed at the mention of the PSP2->,news-3134.html], rumor has it that the device will actually materialize "later"

Just when "later" will take place is still up in the air, but according this article, the sequel device will rear its head sometime after the release of the PSP-4000 in late 2009. Naturally, it's customary for Sony to plead a "no comment" to anything unofficial (as in rumors and speculation), but apparently someone is reporting that game developers are already working on titles for the mystery devices.

Rumors of the PSP2 are nothing new. Curious investigators can perform searches online and discover many unconfirmed details such as a 4GB flash, a live streaming digital camera, touch-screen support, faster load times and more. Interestingly enough, a few online sources confirm developer support for the PSP2 dating back almost two years. Whether recent rumor flare-ups derive from new information of rehashing of old news is yet unknown.

Looking back, the speculation of a "redesigned" PSP actually did not produce a sequel console, but rather a facelift of the current model. Called the PSP-2000 (or PSP Slim and Lite), the improved unit was 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer than the original unit, and was released in September 2007. The PSP-3000, released back in October, built upon the Slim and Lite version by revamping the LCD screen, adding an built-in microphone,

Currently Sony is selling the Limited Edition Madden NFL 09 PSP entertainment Pack over on Best Buy for $200, featuring the blue metallic PSP system, Madden NFL 09, NFL: In Just One Play UMD video, 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, a PlayStation Network voucher card and more. Other stores carrying the bundle include Sears, Amazon and more.