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Sony's Letter to Publishers Regarding PSN Outage

Sony has been pretty quiet this week. After missing its deadline for beginning the reintroduction of PSN and Qriocity services, the company has taken to its blog only once. On Tuesday the company posted a short message to say that it would be ‘a few more days at least’ before PSN comes back and that it was sorry it didn’t have anything more to tell users.

However, the company has been quite chatty behind the scenes. The company this week penned a letter to all of its publishing and development partners. Signed by Rob Dyer, SVP of Publisher Relations, the letter has been obtained by Industry Gamers and the site’s source says he received the communication on Wednesday.

The letter contains a lot of information we already know. Sony’s taken the opportunity to rehash the timeline of the attack and reiterate for the umpteenth time that there’s no evidence to suggest credit card information was stolen. However, what it doesn’t contain, is any acknowledgment of partners’ claims that they’re losing significant amounts of money because of the downtime. Sony has not yet publicly discussed any plans to compensate developers and publishing partners for loss of revenue related to the outage.

Yesterday Capcom’s senior VP Christian Svensson told users on the company’s Capcom Unity forums that it was losing ‘hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue’ as a result of the outage.

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