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GameStop: PS4 May Be in Short Supply at Launch

Nothing creates demand better than a supply shortage. It seems if there isn't enough to go around, more people want whatever it is that'ss selling out. Indeed, each time a new smartphone or console sells out at launch, there are those that wonder if the shortage is intentional, an effort to create buzz and demand. So, what will the conspiracy theorists say about the latest on demand for the PS4?

CNet reports that GameStop has already expressed concerns about a shortage of PS4s at launch. The retailer apparently said during an earnings call that 900,000 people have signed up for its 'First to Know' PS4 list. GameStop says that this is usually a pretty good indicator of preorders. The company said that while it had no word from Sony on the matter, it believes 'demand will far outpace the supply of this product during the launch window.'

Sony has been coy about details of the PS4, revealing very little about the console at the event in February. Last week, at GDC, Sony offered additional information about the PS4, hinting that it will ship with a "very large hard drive" without spilling the capacity details. Senior Staff Engineer Chris Norden also provided a detailed demonstration, explaining that the eight cores in the 64-bit x86 AMD APU are capable or running eight hardware threads. Each core will use a 32 KiB L1 I-cache and D-cache, and each four-core group will share 2 MiB of L2 Cache. The APU will be able to handle atomics, threads, fibers, and ULTs, with out-of-order execution and advanced ISA.

The latest rumors are highlighting a June reveal for the PS4. This would fit in with the schedule for E3, which kicks off on June 11 and runs through to June 13.

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