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PCWorld: AT&T 3G 67% Faster Than Competitors

PCWorld today reports that after generating disappointing results in last year's tests, AT&T's 3G download speeds are 84 percent better than the numbers from eight months ago. In fact, AT&T has come out on top in the site's tests. With download speeds 67 percent faster than its competitors', AT&T is ahead of Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

According to PCW, AT&T last year posted speeds of 818 kbps across 13 cities. Tests conducted in December 2009 and January 2010 show the network's average download speed has increased to 1410 kbps.

Verizon came first last year and this year, was a close second to AT&T. The network's download speeds increased by 8 percent over last year's numbers. Sprint was found to be "upgrading its network capacity fast enough to meet the demand" being presented by smartphone users and PCWorld reports that T-Mobile's speeds are competitive with what Sprint and Verizon offers in most of the test cities. In fact, in one city (New York) T-Mobile’s network delivered download speeds that are usually associated with 4G networks.

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