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Wolfenstein: The New Order Delayed to 2014

Say it isn't so! Bethesda Softworks VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines said on Thursday that the release date of MachineGames' Wolfenstein: The New Order has been pushed back into 2014. Previously, the game was slated to arrive sometime during 4Q 2013.

Hines told Polygon that working on both current-gen consoles and the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has made an impact on development. "You're developing for two different things," Hines said. "The fact that the next-gen stuff is still moving is also definitely a factor."

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He also indicated that the overall mixture of gameplay elements thrown into the shooter – things like driving, stealth, the narrative – needs extra polish so that the resulting product doesn't feel like a number of components strung together. Bethesda wants to present one amazing experience from start to finish.

"The most important thing was definitely just looking where it was at, what they needed to polish," he said. "Because it's just not trying to be a shooter, because it's trying to be a shooter that also has driving elements, story elements, narrative, stealth sections — each one of those has to be excellent. It's not just like we're making a shooter, where if the shooting is good, then all 16 hours of the game will be good because it's all we're doing."

He said that despite all the polishing that could be done in the FPS portion, all that work would have no impact on what it feels like in the stealth portion. Besides, MachineGames has been working on the game for quite a while, so there's no reason why the studio can't spend the extra time smoothing out the wrinkles in the other gameplay elements.

Of course, the delay is definitely disappointing, but a couple of months could mean the difference between a lackluster game and one that becomes 2014's Game of the Year. "This needs to be the best Wolfenstein game ever made, and you can't shortcut that," Hines said. "It can't have the same historical impact of Wolfenstein 3D, but it can be a better game."

Agreed. The game is currently one of the showcased titles at QuakeCon 2013 which opened its doors on Thursday. Currently, Bethesda has not released a specific quarter in 2014 for when the game will ship, so stay tuned.

Bethesda has already revealed that it expects nothing less than perfect in its games. The Doom 4 project is a good example, as Bethesda sent the project back to the drawing board in 2011 because the game, in its current state, "did not exhibit the quality and excitement that id and Bethesda intend to deliver and that Doom fans worldwide expect." Years of work went down the tubes.

Prey 2 is another example. Bethesda confirmed its development in March 2011, and then said in April 2012 that the project wasn't canceled, but would be delayed because it didn't meet Bethesda's standards. Human Head's version has reportedly been scrapped, and the project handed over to Dishonored developer Arkane.