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ROTT PC Game Ported to iPhone, Unreal Maybe

Now here's a classic blast from the past: Rise of the Triad. The game was originally release on the PC back in 1994, a first-person shooter developed by Apogee Software (3D Realms). The game used a heavily-modified Wolfenstein engine, and became a popular title thanks to the long-dead shareware scene. ROTT also brought new features to the FPS genre including simulated dynamic lighting, bullet holes, panoramic skies, and more.

Apogee Software announced on Monday that Mobilia Interactive is porting the classic PC game to Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The port will include the game's original soundtrack and all four original episodes (32 levels). There's also mention that secret levels, hidden rooms, and "other surprises" will remain intact. As with the original, players will be able to look up and down, up to 45 degrees. There's no indication if there will be an "enhanced" version for the iPad.

"We are very honored to be working with industry pioneer like Apogee Software to bring this groundbreaking game from the 90’s to platforms of the 21nd century,” said Yevegeniy Goyfman, co-founder of Mobilia Interactive. "It is exciting to be a major part of re-introducing classics like Rise of the Triad and allowing fans to re-live the experience, as well as share these true entertainment treasures with a new generation of gamers."

In other news, I fired over an email to Epic Games just after the big iPad reveal. With Mark Rein apparently excited about the platform, I asked if he was chomping at the bit to port the Unreal series. "Sure," I was told. "But it's more about porting the engine to mobile platforms." Unfortunately, that's all I could milk out of the subject.

Intent on getting something (unrelated) from the company, I asked Rein's take on the recent Nvidia comment about the lack of "magic" with current PCs. Unfortunately, nothing juicy came from that either. "We'll have to pass on that one, sorry," Epic said. Meh.

  • as cool as this is, fps gaming on an iphone is just nasty.
  • JonathanDeane
    This game was pretty cool back in the day, oddly enough I just tried playing it again on windows 7 and while it worked fine the game play itself just has not held up all that well. Duke Nukem on the other hand is still fun to play lol
  • nukemaster
    Apple needs a controller add-on for that thing. It just seems like you loose too much screen for the onscreen controls.
  • killblade
    More evidence of Apple taking over the gaming market.
  • kalogagatya
    Will NEVER forget ROTT :)))))))
  • anthropophaginian
    ROTT had the best god mode in any game I've seen.
  • igot1forya
    LOL Ah yes, running it on the lowest window settings I remember would display a message that would say "Get a 486" and if you died on the hardest level you hear a voice say "youuuuu suuuuuuuuck" hehehe. I can still hear the LAN play F-Keys yelling "Behind you!" :) Loved that game :)