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Ouya is a $99 Hackable Android Game Console

There are plenty of startups looking to make their own video game consoles, such as The Indie Console project that was pitched on Kickstarter that unfortunately didn't make the cut. However, the Ouya is something unique and worth your attention.

We don't think any other indie console has quite as many industry names backing it as this Android console does. Somehow, the project's managed to get people like Julie Urhman of IGN, Yves Behar of Jawbone Jambox, and Ed Fries of Microsoft on board.

The Ouya is a $99 Android console that you can connect to your TV. Apparently, all games on the console will be free-to-play and developers will be able to publish as they please. The hardware is open and meant to be a modder's field day.

There's little else about the Ouya for now, as it's still on the drawing board, but it's an interesting console concept for an industry that's warming up to free-to-play and mobile games. We just wonder how the free structure for publishing will work and whether or not there'll be some sort of monitoring of apps for security purposes.