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Old Spice Guy Making Awesome Videos for Fans

Isaiah Mustafa shot to fame with playing "The man your man could smell like" in what turned out to be a hugely popular Old Spice commercial. There have been a few more of the hilarious commercials featuring the self-affirming Old Spice guy since, but over the last 24 hours, Procter & Gamble has taken the campaign in a new direction.

A brief look at the Old Spice YouTube channel turns up over 100 videos of the Old Spice Guy responding to YouTube commenters, Twitter and Facebook followers and celebrities. Having watched about 20 of them for myself I've come to the conclusion that the writers working for Procter & Gamble's marketing department deserve a trailer full of awards and that Mustafa must be bloody exhausted.

Check out our five favorite videos below! And what would you like us to ask the Old Spice guy?