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OLED Watch Concept Can Change Faces on Demand

Watches have been around for quite some time, yet they still provide the perfect blend of style and utility. But for some of us, owning more than one watch and switching out for stylistic purposes isn't too appealing. Luckily, designer Niels Astrup has created an interesting watch concept that will go well with your entire wardrobe.

Dubbed the Touch Skin watch, this futuristic timepiece features a flat OLED display that allows its wearer to customize the overall look of the watch. Whether you are looking for a futuristic digital display or a traditional analog face, all you have to do is pull out your smartphone and power up the Touch Skin app to swap through a collection of different designs for the display.

Like most LED/OLED watch designs, the Touch Skin is activated by touch in order to conserve battery life. In addition to its face-changing abilities, the watch will be able to adjust time automatically via radio and charge wirelessly via the included gift box/charger stand. The watch is just a concept for now, but we're guessing a little crowdfunding might be able to turn this concept into a reality pretty quickly.