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O'Brien Beats Leno on Twitter in Mere Hours

Apparently Conan O'Brien plans to stick around even though NBC yanked The Tonight Show right out of his hands. The former late-night talk show host recently joined Twitter and posted one message, saying "today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to a commercial."

He then pleaded for help.

As of this writing, O'Brien isn't following anyone, and his one single post has gathered 284,086 followers since it was published twenty hours ago.

Arch-rival Jay Leno, whose moaning and groaning about his prime-time failure cost O'Brein his dream job, has been around on Twitter for a while, racking up 506 tweets. So far he's only amassed 30, 428 followers as of this writing.

That should speak volumes about who is more popular of the two.

CNET seems to think the new Twitter account is the beginning of a marketing campaign. It's highly possible that O'Brien has landed a late-night show on another network, and this will be his platform until then.