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Google: We'd Have Loved to Partner with Nokia

With the dust still settling after Nokia and Microsoft’s newly-inked agreement to put Windows Phone 7 on Nokia smartphones, there’s a lot to discuss regarding the decision. One of the more popular questions over the last few days seems to be, “Why not Android?”

At the time of the announcement, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said he had discussed the possibility with Google but ultimately felt that Nokia could not differentiate itself in the Android market. However, it seems Google was more than eager to welcome Nokia to the Android family. Speaking during his keynote address at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that they “would have loved” to have Nokia on board and that they “certainly tried” to convince the lads in Espoo to take Android over Windows 7. However, all is not lost, as Schmidt also revealed that it’s not off the table completely. The CEO said the offer for Nokia to adopt Android at a later date is “still open.”

Speaking to All Things D later that same day, Schmidt said that he and Android chief Andy Rubin had talked quite a bit to Nokia, but declined to say how advanced the talks had been. “I would rather not go into it,” ATD cites him as saying. Schmidt did divulge that Nokia understood the Android operating system pretty well at the time. Though that could be a case of Nokia just doing its homework before an important meeting, it also could mean that Nokia was considering it seriously enough for it to still be on the table for future devices.

Would you consider waiting to buy a Nokia smartphone if you knew the company might enter into a deal with Google for Android-powered devices? Let us know in the comments below!