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Nokia Lumia 800 WP 7.8 Update Causing Low Volume Issues

Following the launch of the Windows Phone 7.8 update, Nokia's Lumia 800 smartphone has suffered low volume issues.

Music was previously loud at the volume level of 15 before the update's roll out. However, some of the device's owners have now said that it has to be turned up to 30 in order to reach the same level of volume achieved prior to the upgrade.

Meanwhile, music being played at a low volume seemingly can't be heard at all. The update itself is from where the issue stems, as reflashing Windows Phone 7.5 back on affected handsets removes the aforementioned volume problem.

The Lumia 800 isn't the only Nokia smartphone with audio issues. The Lumia 920 and 820 see audio being capped automatically upon loud music being played, with the problem being eliminated only once a reboot is performed.


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  • cryogenic
    You had one job Microsoft ...
  • JackFrost860
    Muted. They’re just bringing the sound in line with the muted UI ;)
  • silverblue
    I cannot understand how they can have the same bug... TWICE. I've been waiting for the update message on my phone but I'd be happier if they fixed the volume before making it available on O2.
  • Cryio
    cryogenicYou had one job Microsoft ...
    Actually Microsoft has a ton of jobs.

    Use your memes correctly.
  • spentshells
    Too bad, these phones are pretty nice on average so it is unfortunate to see an issue like this occur.
  • alextheblue
    spentshellsToo bad, these phones are pretty nice on average so it is unfortunate to see an issue like this occur.Yeah, too bad it is a hardware problem that is permanent and can't be fixed. Oh wait! It's a software bug! Personally I wait on major updates to any operating system, service packs, etc. At least until it gets rolled out to enough early adopters to ensure there aren't any issues. I think the only update I jumped on immediately was Froyo.