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Nintendo to Take a Loss on Each 3DS Sold

Nintendo this week announced that it was cutting the price of its newest portable, the 3DS, by a whopping $80. While that certainly addresses the crowd who thinks Nintendo was crazy to charge $250 for the device in the first place, Bloomberg Japan reports that Nintendo will now be taking a loss on each 3DS is sells.

The price of the 3DS is set to drop on August 12 and, according to Bloomberg Japan, that's the day when Nintendo will start seeing a loss on each unit. Japanese blogger Andriasang reports that, at a press conference in Osaka yesterday, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata justified the move by saying such moves were necessary in order to improve fiscal performance.

Nintendo has yet to confirm the European price drop for the 3DS, which is scheduled for the same August 12 date as the U.S., but told CVG that it would be slashing the price by about a third. On top of the price cut, Nintendo is offering early adopters who paid full price will be given access to 20 free Famicom (NES) and Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games.