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Nintendo Ships 50m Wiis; Stays King of Consoles

Everyone already knows how super popular the Wii is. It’s almost always sold out and getting one as a Christmas gift means buying it in July.

Given its popularity, it’s not the least bit surprising to hear that Nintendo has sold fifty million Wiis since the console launched in November of 2006.

The Associated Press reports that nearly 50 percent of the total sales of the Wii console were in the United States and Canada. Europeans accounted for about 40 percent and Japan almost all of the remaining 10 percent.

We’re all agreed, 50 million consoles is a phenomenal number but you can’t say you didn’t see it coming. Apart from the fact that the world and its mother owns a Wii, AMD announced earlier in the month that it had shipped its 50 millionth ATI ‘Hollywood’ chip which is the GPU for the Wii and reminded everyone how much the company values its partnership with Nintendo, probably because it's making them a boatload of money.

“Nintendo values its ongoing relationship with AMD. AMD’s graphics technology expertise as displayed in the ATI ‘Hollywood’ chip is a great part of the momentum of Wii. Our combined efforts help deliver entertaining experiences to create many smiling faces in living rooms around the world,” said Genyo Takeda, general manager of Integrated Research and Development, Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Aside from its success with the Wii, the AP reports that Nintendo has sold more than 100 million Nintendo DS portable handheld game machines worldwide in just four years.

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