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Couple Jailed Over Nintendo Wii

A black and blue Christmas? The was the case for one N.H. couple.

For the second holiday season in a row, the Nintendo Wii was on of the hottest products on the market. Walking into a Best Buy or browsing Amazon, one would be hard pressed to find the little white box before Christmas. Demand, fueled by the consoles image as entertainment for all ages, would lead one to believe that those fortunate enough to receive a Wii would welcome it with open arms.

However, for 26 year old Heath Blom of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a brand new Nintendo Wii was not good enough. After arriving at his grandparents house with his girlfriend, 24 year old Randi Young, Blom was outraged that he was receiving a Wii for Christmas instead of the $1,000+ remote control airplane he asked his elders for. Upon expressing his discontent, Young called him out for acting like a child, and that's where the story gets hazy.

While both were taken in by police, it is unclear who started the physical skirmish. Ms. Young claims that after berating her boyfriend about his behavior, Blom grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down not one, but two flights of stairs. “He said he hated it. It hurt her feelings,” remarked Young, who said her boyfriend “told his grandparents that he changed his mind” about waiting until his birthday and wanted the plane for Christmas. “When he didn’t get the plane, he got really upset. He acted like a 10-year-old kid,”

According to Mr. Blom, a flooring contractor, he wanted the plane for hisbirthday, not for Christmas, saying “You can’t fly an RC plane in the snow." While he did make negative remarks about getting a Wii, Blom claims that his girlfriend threw the first punch, or rather three punches to his eye.

Either way, the fight was certainly not in the holiday spirit. Anyone lucky enough to get a Wii for Christmas, even if they don't want one, should have the brains to be thankful he or she got anything. Besides, selling an unwanted Wii on eBay isn't unheard of. Hopefully this holiday throwdown will teach both parties involved a thing or two about manners and being thankful for what you have.