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Nintendo to Announce 3DS Release in September

Recently Nintendo spoke with Bloomberg Japan and said that it plans to reveal the Nintendo 3DS launch date and pricing on September 26. This revelation will actually take place after Tokyo Game Show (TGS) which kicks off on September 16th and ends on the 19th, squashing any speculation of a TGS-based announcement.

Previously Nintendo of America head boss Reggie Fils-Aime said that the 3DS will be available in all major regions by the end of March 2011. VG247 reports that the UK will receive the gaming device during March however Bloomberg Japan hints to a possible Q4 2010 release over in Japan.

The previous Nintendo handheld--the DSi--launched in Japan during November 2008 but didn't head to the States until the following April, making American gamers last on the release list. The original DS first launched in North America in November 2004, followed by a Japanese release mere weeks later.

Nintendo has kept a tight lid on information surrounding the 3DS since its appearance at E3 2010.